Emu Labyrinth

Emu Labyrinth

Welcome to Emu Labyrinth at Emu Bay Holiday Homes

Emu Labyrinth at Emu Bay Holiday Homes was inspired after meeting Terry de Vries from South Africa on Lesvos in Greece in 2018 and helping her to build a labyrinth near the castle in Molyvos.

The flat area just above Jireh House with the beautiful sea views jumped out as the ideal place to build our labyrinth for guests of Emu Bay Holiday Homes to enjoy.

Creating the labyrinth started with transplanting some plants and then getting a bobcat in to level the surface and bring in some loads of crusher dust to have good footing underneath. Johannes started collecting trailer loads of rocks in the surrounding paddocks. Luckily there was no shortage there!

I researched some labyrinth patterns and decided on a Classical 5 Circuit Labyrinth. After watching some ‘how to’ YouTube videos, I helped Johannes draw it out and collect more rocks before we packed it together.

Our labyrinth is only open to our guests and we do hope you love the experience!

The significance of walking a labyrinth

Walking a labyrinth is an ancient practice that helps to reduce stress, quiets the mind and opens the heart.

A labyrinth is not a maze. It has only one path that serpentines towards the centre with twists and turns, just like life, and follows the same path back out. It is seen as a mini pilgrimage, a tool for meditation or a walking prayer. A walk with your soul to transform and heal.

Emu Labyrinth

How do you use a labyrinth? 

Think about the questions in your mind. Find a focus to hold onto for your walk.

Walk quietly, slowly, with an open heart and mind. Contemplate a situation, question or feeling. Ask your spirit mentor to walk with you.

In the center, pause and rest, reflect on your journey and seek insights into your living. Returning with contemplation is an important part of the journey.

Emu Labyrinth

Be grateful and give thanks before leaving the labyrinth.


Be mindful of others on their labyrinth journey.


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Reviews and Testimonials

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Exceeded our high expectations!

A wonderful experience that exceeded all expectations. The cabin has everything one needs. The surroundings are very beautiful and kangaroos, koalas and the birds come to visit often. Just when we thought it was as good as it can be, we realized there was more! Incredible starry skies and a lot of shooting stars. Wishing we could have stayed for more than 9 days.

– Trip48477180221

Vacation ❘ Couple

We stayed in the Bayview Guest wing, perfect for the two of us, for our seven night stay. Although it is attached to Amani House, (so it can be hired as part of Amani too), it is very well sound proofed and we chatted to our neighbours at times but felt undisturbed by their presence. Fantastic views of the superb Emu Bay, surrounded by wildlife and we were made very welcome by Rene and Johannes. The lovely Rene visited us to make sure we had whatever we needed and she is very knowledgeable about KI and can answer any questions you might have. Everything we needed was supplied, including a welcome gift of a bottle of False Cape red wine, local honey and KI oats and the apartment was beautifully clean. An easy walk to the beautiful beach, friendly locals and a fifteen minute drive to Kingscote for a meal at the pub, or the local Italian.

(Booking is a good idea!)

Highly recommend Emu Bay Holiday Homes.

– nick vallence

Vacation ❘ Family

“Emu Bay Holiday Homes offers a delightful experience with its stunning views of Emu Bay, exceptional service, and comfortable rooms. The central location is perfect for exploring the major attractions of Kangaroo Island. A special thanks to the owner for providing an EV charging facility, which adds a thoughtful touch to an already fantastic stay. Highly recommended for anyone visiting the area!”

– Jag Kakarlapudi