What accommodation is best on Kangaroo Island?


What accommodation is best on Kangaroo Island?

What is the best Kangaroo Island accommodation?

There’s no doubt that Kangaroo Island is one of the most beautiful and unique places to stay. With its stunning scenery, perfect beaches and abundant wildlife, it’s the ideal holiday destination for people of all ages.

However, finding the right accommodation on the island can be a little confusing. With so many options to choose from, it takes some effort to figure out what will suit your travel style.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before you choose a place and make a booking:

What to look for in the best Kangaroo Island accommodation

 It makes sense to look out for the following:

  • Beach access: There isn’t much point in staying on Australia’s most beautiful island if you aren’t near the beach. An accommodation close enough to walk down to the water is ideal, especially in the warmer months. The best and most popular swimming beach on Kangaroo Island is arguably Emu Bay. This beach is beautiful year-round, even if you don’t go for a swim.
  • Family-friendly: Family-friendly accommodation usually has higher standards and expects decent behaviour from guests. Of course, if you have kids, you will want lots of room for them to roam around safely. If you’re a retiree or couple, look for family-friendly accommodation that has plenty of space between dwellings and you won’t be interrupted by noise.

The other benefit of family-friendly accommodation is that everyone is usually quiet by 10 pm.

  • Private: Privacy is a huge bonus in any accommodation. Kangaroo Island’s natural wonders will be even more apparent if you can enjoy them in peace on a private deck.
  • Fully equipped: The best Kangaroo Island accommodation will supply you with everything you need and be no more than a short drive from the shops. With linen and utensils provided, you won’t have to worry about packing everything except the kitchen sink and transporting it to the island.
  • Knowledgeable staff: Kangaroo Island is full of hidden secrets and surprises. The best accommodation will boast staff who are helpful and knowledgeable. You will want to chat with the staff and learn about which places are best to visit.
  • Dining options: Sometimes it’s nice to cook, sometimes it’s nice to be cooked for. If you’re staying for more than one night, look for accommodation that offers catering as well as a fully equipped kitchen. This gives you the best of both worlds.
  • Great reviews: In these online times, reviews can make a big difference to your decision. Take the time to check and read online reviews of any accommodation you are considering. As you would expect, the place with the best reviews will probably be your best choice. Look for a place with reviews that are recent so you know the advice you’re getting is up to date.

Accommodation styles

With the above criteria in mind, let’s look at the available accommodation styles.

  • Camping: A favourite of those who love to get back to nature, camping is readily available on Kangaroo island at designated campsites. Camping has its appeal but lacks many of the options above. Facilities are always considerably more rudimentary when you camp. If you are lucky, camping can be very private. Often though, many families set up in the same campsites, and you don’t experience the solitude you might have expected. Legally, you are not allowed to camp freely anywhere on the island, and if you get caught, the rangers will swiftly move you on.
  • Caravan parks: Caravan parks are one step up from camping. They can be kid-friendly, but noisy. Privacy is very low at caravan parks, where you will have to share bbq’s and space with everyone else.
  • Motel: Motel style accommodation is another common way to stay on Kangaroo Island. Motels are more comfortable than camping but still lack privacy. You also don’t have the option to cook your own food.
  • Hotel: A hotel is a more luxurious experience but tends to be pricier than self-contained, and you will have to order in or eat out.
  • Self-contained: Self-contained makes the most sense for Kangaroo Island accommodation. This can be a house, cabin or cottage, and will come with everything you need. With self-contained accommodation, you get:
    • An equipped kitchen
    • Linen and towels
    • Storage and refrigeration
    • Peace and quiet
    • The option to prepare your own meals
    • A private deck
    • Own private BBQ
emubay homes 2

If you want to tick all the boxes during your visit to Kangaroo Island, self-contained accommodation is the winner. To get the most out of this beautiful location, accommodation that gives you privacy and quality amenities, as well as proximity to the ocean is vital.

Look for self-contained accommodation, preferably around the beautiful Emu Bay, that has plenty of five-star reviews and can demonstrate a commitment to delivering a quality guest experience.

Reviews and Testimonials

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Exceeded our high expectations!

A wonderful experience that exceeded all expectations. The cabin has everything one needs. The surroundings are very beautiful and kangaroos, koalas and the birds come to visit often. Just when we thought it was as good as it can be, we realized there was more! Incredible starry skies and a lot of shooting stars. Wishing we could have stayed for more than 9 days.

– Trip48477180221

Vacation ❘ Couple

We stayed in the Bayview Guest wing, perfect for the two of us, for our seven night stay. Although it is attached to Amani House, (so it can be hired as part of Amani too), it is very well sound proofed and we chatted to our neighbours at times but felt undisturbed by their presence. Fantastic views of the superb Emu Bay, surrounded by wildlife and we were made very welcome by Rene and Johannes. The lovely Rene visited us to make sure we had whatever we needed and she is very knowledgeable about KI and can answer any questions you might have. Everything we needed was supplied, including a welcome gift of a bottle of False Cape red wine, local honey and KI oats and the apartment was beautifully clean. An easy walk to the beautiful beach, friendly locals and a fifteen minute drive to Kingscote for a meal at the pub, or the local Italian.

(Booking is a good idea!)

Highly recommend Emu Bay Holiday Homes.

– nick vallence

Vacation ❘ Family

“Emu Bay Holiday Homes offers a delightful experience with its stunning views of Emu Bay, exceptional service, and comfortable rooms. The central location is perfect for exploring the major attractions of Kangaroo Island. A special thanks to the owner for providing an EV charging facility, which adds a thoughtful touch to an already fantastic stay. Highly recommended for anyone visiting the area!”

– Jag Kakarlapudi