What to pack for your trip to Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island weather

What to pack for your trip to Kangaroo Island

If you are planning a visit to Kangaroo Island, you will probably be curious about Kangaroo Island’s weather and what to bring when you come to South Australia’s stunning holiday island.

Take a look at some tips from local accommodation owners who have experienced the conditions year-round.

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Seasons on Kangaroo Island

The mild and pleasant climate around these parts often results in Kangaroo Island weather being described as Mediterranean.

It is usually warm to hot and dry in the summer, and cool/mild in the winter. Summer highs average around 25o and lows around 13o. Lowest daytime temperatures come in June when the average high is around 12-13o, while July and August have the coldest nights with temperature dropping to around 6o on average.

With these temperatures in mind, it is wise to check the forecast for the duration of your intended stay. Warmer clothes are best in the winter months and, depending on your accommodation, warm bedding and pajamas may be necessary. Loose, cool clothes and swimwear are good for summer months but make sure you are sun smart and apply regular sunscreen as well as other sun protection methods like wearing a hat and sunglasses at all times of year.

In winter, bring a good windbreaker jacket and pack some layers like scarves and vests which you can put on or remove as needed, during the day. An extra layer or two with a good jacket will be handy in summer as well, because the sea breeze can be quite fresh at times.


The supplies you need to bring can vary, depending on where you are staying. Many of the best places to stay are a little way from the main settlement, which may limit your options for eating out. However, Drakes Supermarket at Kingscote or the IGA in Penneshaw caters for most dietary needs, so you can drop by to stock up on food when you arrive on the island.

Multiple wineries on the island and the famous Kangaroo Island Spirits will provide good choice for your alcoholic beverages.

Depending on where you are staying, you may also need to bring cooking utensils and bedding. Make sure that you check exactly what your accommodation provides or book with Emu Bay Holiday Homes, which provides self-contained cabins and cottages with well equipped kitchens.

If you don’t feel like cooking, there are plenty of takeaway options on the island, plus you can talk to Emu Bay Holiday homes about in-home catering options.

Recreational equipment

The equipment you need to bring is down to what you want to get out of your time on Kangaroo Island.

Nature lovers will want to pack binoculars and good walking shoes. Snorkelling gear is a good option for those who wish to spend time in the water and of course fishing equipment for those who want to spend time by the water. Otherwise, apart from appropriate sun and weather protection, maybe just a good book and a folding chair will keep you happy.

What not to bring

There are a few restrictions on Kangaroo Island, mostly to keep the precious wildlife safe and healthy. The number one restricted item are pets, especially cats. Kangaroo Island authorities are working to eradicate ferral cats from the island. Dogs are not allowed in the National Parks as they may disrupt the local wildlife. There are kennel facilities and exceptions for registered service dogs. Some accommodation does provide pet friendly spaces

Kangaroo Island is famous for its healthy bees and their delicious honey. This means you mustn’t bring any bees, beekeeping equipment, or even honey to the island. These items could be damaging to the local bees. The good news is honey fans can buy delicious locally produced honey on the island.

Unwashed potatoes need to be left at home as well because the dirt on unwashed potatoes can carry mainland diseases. Unwanted weeds should also be left at home, as should rabbits. In the highly unlikely event that you have a fox in your possession, it also will not be allowed on the island! Kangaroo Island is lucky to be fox and rabbit free.

Summing up

Overall, Kangaroo Island weather is mild and hospitable so you don’t need any speciality equipment or clothes for sub-zero temperatures. The equipment you bring should be down to the expected conditions and the activities you intend to enjoy during your stay.

Whatever your plans are, make sure to check the Kangaroo Island weather forecast before you leave home, then you can pack accordingly.

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Reviews and Testimonials

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Exceeded our high expectations!

A wonderful experience that exceeded all expectations. The cabin has everything one needs. The surroundings are very beautiful and kangaroos, koalas and the birds come to visit often. Just when we thought it was as good as it can be, we realized there was more! Incredible starry skies and a lot of shooting stars. Wishing we could have stayed for more than 9 days.

– Trip48477180221

Vacation ❘ Couple

We stayed in the Bayview Guest wing, perfect for the two of us, for our seven night stay. Although it is attached to Amani House, (so it can be hired as part of Amani too), it is very well sound proofed and we chatted to our neighbours at times but felt undisturbed by their presence. Fantastic views of the superb Emu Bay, surrounded by wildlife and we were made very welcome by Rene and Johannes. The lovely Rene visited us to make sure we had whatever we needed and she is very knowledgeable about KI and can answer any questions you might have. Everything we needed was supplied, including a welcome gift of a bottle of False Cape red wine, local honey and KI oats and the apartment was beautifully clean. An easy walk to the beautiful beach, friendly locals and a fifteen minute drive to Kingscote for a meal at the pub, or the local Italian.

(Booking is a good idea!)

Highly recommend Emu Bay Holiday Homes.

– nick vallence

Vacation ❘ Family

“Emu Bay Holiday Homes offers a delightful experience with its stunning views of Emu Bay, exceptional service, and comfortable rooms. The central location is perfect for exploring the major attractions of Kangaroo Island. A special thanks to the owner for providing an EV charging facility, which adds a thoughtful touch to an already fantastic stay. Highly recommended for anyone visiting the area!”

– Jag Kakarlapudi