Spot and his friends: The Adorable Koala Ambassador of Emu Bay Holiday Homes

Spot and his Friends

Spot and his friends: The Adorable Koala Ambassador of Emu Bay Holiday Homes

Emu Bay Holiday Homes is not just a place to stay; it’s a place where nature and hospitality converge in perfect harmony. Nestled on the stunning Kangaroo Island in South Australia, our little slice of paradise is home to an array of wildlife. Among our cherished residents is Spot, a lovable koala who has made Emu Bay Holiday Homes his home and takes pride in welcoming our guests with open arms—well, as much as a koala can!

A Furry Welcome Committee

Spot, as we affectionately call him, comes with impressive “KOALAfications” and embodies the finest “KOALA-tees” that make him the perfect greeter. He doesn’t shake hands or offer warm verbal greetings, but his presence is a heartwarming sight for anyone who visits our holiday homes. Spot’s favourite spot is all the trees like the tall ones right next to the Shalom House, where he spends most of his days munching on leaves and soaking in the island’s tranquil vibes.

The Gentle Observer

Koalas are known for their calm and contemplative nature, and Spot is no exception. While guests check-in and out, he observes from his treetop perch, casting a watchful eye over the comings and goings of visitors. Spot seems to understand the importance of giving guests their space while also being a part of the unique Emu Bay experience.

Photogenic and Proud

Spot is quite the poser, and he knows it! He often strikes a photogenic pose, making him a favourite subject for our guests’ cameras. Whether he’s curled up in a ball or stretching his furry limbs, Spot’s cute antics never fail to bring smiles to the faces of our visitors.

Respecting His Space

As much as we love Spot and encourage our guests to admire him from a respectful distance, we always stress the importance of not disturbing or feeding him. After all, we want to ensure that he remains happy and healthy in his natural habitat.

A Lesson in Coexistence

Spot’s presence reminds us of the delicate balance between human hospitality and the preservation of nature. Emu Bay Holiday Homes is committed to being an eco-friendly destination, and we take pride in sharing our space with the incredible wildlife that calls Kangaroo Island home.

Your Chance to Meet Spot

When you visit Emu Bay Holiday Homes, be sure to keep an eye out for our furry friend, Spot the koala. He may not give you a traditional welcome, but his presence adds a touch of wild charm to your stay. Just remember to respect his space, and you’ll have a memorable encounter with one of Kangaroo Island’s most endearing residents.

Emu Bay Holiday Homes is more than just accommodation; it’s an opportunity to connect with nature and create lasting memories. We hope that Spot’s story adds a unique and heartwarming dimension to your stay with us. 

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Reviews and Testimonials

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Ideal location, great stay

Two friends and I spent 3 lovely nights in a cabin at Emu Bay Holiday Homes over the final weekend of October. The cabin was very clean and well maintained. Rene warmly welcomed us on arrival and provided us with some great local tips. The cabin was well equipped and had everything we needed for a home away from home experience. Spectacular views of Emu Bay and convenient location. We return home to Adelaide refreshed and with many lovely memories. A big thank you to Rene and Johannes. We now keenly await our next memorable KI experience.

– Holly P

What a gem

We had a fantastic five night stay with four other friends in Jireh House. Spotlessly clean and well appointed it was a great location to enjoy the views set among beautiful gardens with numerous colourful flowering plants. Mornings and evenings on the front verandah were memorable in the tranquil setting with numerous birds using the bird bath or feeding on the flowers. Easy access to Island attractions. Great assistance and communication with all our arrangements from Christine and Rene. We’ll definitely recommend it to friends and return some time.

– Peter F

Family friendly home

A house with stunning views. Home away from home comfort. Great facilities provided. A fantastic location . House situated amongst beautiful gardens so tranquil and peaceful.
Beautiful grounds for taking a walk and enjoying the Australian flora and fauna. Spotting koalas in the trees near the house was a highlight.

– Artkat